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Blu-ray of Chopin Songs available through Amazon WARSAW, POLAND - LIPINSKI ROYAL FIDELITY's new Blu-ray of Chopin Songs is now available through Amazon. Recorded in Paris at the Paris Conservatory where Chopin performed. The piece was played on Chopin's original piano - Pleyel no. 10,343 on which Chopin played, day of Nov. 23, 1843. read more


LIPINSKI ROYAL FIDELITY releases its first Blu-ray WARSAW, POLAND - LIPINSKI ROYAL FIDELITY releases its first Blu-ray. A collector's item of the famous Symphony No. 3 of Sorrowful Songs conducted for the first time by the composer himself - H. M. Gorecki. The Blu-ray consists of 48/24 stereo, as well as uncompressed 192/24 stereo, and 94/24, 8.0 surround. read more


LIPINSKI ROYAL FIDELITY voted "Record to Die For" WARSAW, POLAND - Penderecki Credo voted "Record to Die For". Penderecki's Credo "...a recording that would have been impossible only a few years ago." STEREOPHILE's Kalman Rubinson read more